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ISO 45001 An Auditors Perspective by Stephen Asbury – Corporate Risk System Ltd

04 October 2017

Speaker presentation

An ironic IOSH joint branch meeting

30 November 2016

Essex and East Anglia Branches joined forces to provide a meeting on the ‘hot topic’ of Fire Risk Assessment and Business Support.

So what was so ironic about this?

The planning discussions between the branches included the likely number of attendees that would turn up to such an event in the winter months which concluded with a figure of 75 people. The venue was identified, the room set out and food ordered for the 75 expected attendance.  However an amazing 155 people signed in, not including the volunteer committee members or IOSH staff, who organised the day’s events.


Tim Russell from Essex Fire and Rescue discussed some of the key requirements of the legislation and provided example breaches. Tim also identified the role of the fire service in enforcement from education and support to prosecution.

Judith Evans from Rowans Fire Ltd demonstrated key components a fire risk assessment and where multi buildings are being assessed for the same organisation to produce a summary table to identify organisational trends. Jude then continued to identify the 5 most common FRA failings and the “5 most common good things”

1. Training – most people have had some form of fire training in their lives, even if it was not recently.

2. Fire extinguishers – most organisations have appropriate fire extinguishers in place, and they are maintained regularly by the extinguisher providers.

3. Fire alarms – most premises have some form of detection, or alarm, that at least the alarm provider is testing annually.

4. Procedures – most places have suitable evacuation procedures and employees are told and remember where the assembly points are, along with how to get out of the building.

5. Building safety – ADB or other applicable building regulations are applied and generally followed in most buildings. Most buildings are safe.

Essex and East Anglia branches would like to thanks Jude, Tim and the Essex Fire Bike Team for their attendance at the event. Further thank you to all those that quickly fire risk assessed the venue and helped reorganise the room in the presence of the Essex Fire Enforcements Officers.

CPD support was also on hand on the day.  Please know that due to the overwhelming demand, they will be back at the 1st February meeting.  Booking will be required, so please keep a look out nearer the time for further details.

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