Our Branch Roots


Prior to the adoption of its present name our Institution was known as the Institution of Industrial Safety Officers (IISO). The Scottish Branch of this Institution consisted of approximately 250 members spread throughout Scotland. Meetings were held in Glasgow but the distribution of members was such that an afternoon meeting was difficult or not possible for many members working or staying some distance away from Glasgow. As might be expected therefore most of the attending members came from the west.

Mr Brian Allan, who supplied the present information, instigated the foundation of an East of Scotland District of the Scottish Branch of the Institution of Industrial Safety Officers which was to eventually become the Edinburgh Branch of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Recognising his own need and the need of others on the Eastern side of the country to make regular contact with fellow professionals in order to share and exchange views with those in other fields and industries he subsequently contacted the Institution's headquarters in Leicester and obtained a listing of Scottish Branch members who lived in Perthshire, Central Scotland, Fife, Lothians and the Borders.

About 80 members together with members of local Occupational Safety and Health groups, some of whom were active in these latter groups, were invited to a meeting in Edinburgh to sound out support for the formation of an East of Scotland section of the Institution. Mr Edward Hooper, who was then President of the Institution of Industrial Safety Officers, addressed a gathering of about 45 persons, in an Edinburgh hotel, and the enthusiasm shown resulted in the formation, in 1980, of what was initially termed a District and which later, in 1988, became the Edinburgh Branch of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health as we have it today, the first meeting being held on the 8th September 1988. To view as a summary of the first meeting of the proposed East of Scotland District. on the 5th March 1980 click here.

This information was taken from a Millenium booklet previously presented by our branch Chair ,1996 to 2000 Kevin Lloyd.

In March 2009 the branch celebrated its 200th meeting and 20th anniversary, receiving acknowledgement and congratulations from Her Majesty the Queen.

In 2016 the Forth & Tay District separated from the Edinburgh branch and became the Forth & Tay Branch. 

The Edinburgh branch continues to provide venues for regular, stimulating and enjoyable events, in the company of like minded individuals. Members also benefit from an informative and new look branch website.