Launch of PasstheBadge

On Monday 20th November we launched #PasstheBadge, our newest digital campaign encouraging people to get talking about mental health.

We’ve partnered with Scottish clothing company “Abandon Ship” and together we want to create a safe space online for people to talk about mental health and ask questions.

I’m reaching out to see if you would take part in this with us to help us kick off the campaign?

We want you to “Start Talking” about mental health using our digital badge. You can do this by finding a photo which means something to you, then heading to “passthebadge where you can upload it and put our digital badge on. Then share it on social media with a story about why you think it’s important to “Start Talking” about mental health.

To give you an idea we’ve attached a couple of badges (blue/yellow and green/pink) so you can see what they’ll look like on the site. Then tag a couple of your friends, family or colleagues, ask how their mental health is and get them to share their own badge picture.

If you don’t want to share your own picture, or don’t feel comfortable speaking about yourself but want to get involved, that’s great as well, you can share the full size badge on your social media, from the site.

Whatever way you do it, we’d love you to copy in our message below, so we can get other people involved.

“We all have mental health, so it’s okay to ‘Start Talking’ about it. #PassTheBadge @seemescotland @abandonshipapparel. Get involved at passthebadge and #starttalking”

With your help we can reach new audiences, help new people to start talking, and most important, show everyone that it is okay not to be okay.