Minutes 2014-15

From September 2014 to May 2015 - including speaker's presentations etc.

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14 May 2015

257: Branch and AGM May 2015

Selecting Competent Contractors

9 April 2015

256: Minutes of Branch meeting 9 April 2015

Environmental and Waste Management Group Presentation to Branches – Douglas Connell

Environmental Law update – Charlotte O’Kane

Implementation of Waste (Scotland) regulations 2012 – Adrian Bond

SWITCH short presentation – Adrian Bond

Douglas Connell with Branch Chair Mick Grimmer

Charlotte O’Kane with Branch Chair Mick Grimmer

Adrian Bond with Branch Chair Mick Grimmer

12 March 2015 

255: Minutes of Branch meeting 12 March 2015

Kevin Drum presented with his certificate of Chartered Membership

Alan Dick and Mick Grimmer

19 February 2015: Evening meeting

254: Minutes of Branch meeting 19 February 2015

12 February 2015

253: Minutes of Branch meeting 12 February 2015

RoSPA CSR Presentation

FMC Greenshoots Presentation

Napier CSR Presentation

8 January 2015

252: Minutes of Branch meeting 8 January 2015

RoSPA Big Book of Accidents Presentation by Karen MacDonnell

MindSafety Phase-1

MindSafety Phase-2

11 December 2014

251: Minutes of Branch meeting 11 December 2014

SFRS Reform presentation Dec 2014

Stephen Gourlay receiving gift from Edinburgh Chair Mick Grimmer

13 November 2014

250: Minutes of Branch meeting 13 November 2014

Local Exhaust Ventilation Demo by John Dobbie and Emma Thomson

Photos from the meeting:

Speakers  receiving gift from Edinburgh Branch Vice Chair Helen Pearson

Safety Cafe tables – Noise

Safety cafe tables – HAVS

Safety cafe tables – RPE

Safety cafe tables - LEV

9 October 2014

249: Minutes of Branch Meeting 9 October 2014

Healthy working lives presentation

Prof. Stephen Lawrie receiving gift from Edinburgh Branch Chair: Mick Grimmer

11 September 2014

248: Minutes of Branch Meeting 11 September 2014 

Forum Interactive Demo presentation

Forum Interactive being presented with gift from Edinburgh Branch Chair Mick Grimmer 

Mike Cowie being presented with Chartered Member certificate by Edinburgh Branch Chair Mick Grimmer