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How do I join East Anglia Branch?

When you fill in the application form for joining IOSH you are asked to state a preference for which Branch you wish to belong to. If you did not express a preference, you would be allocated to a Branch on the basis of your postcode. You can change your Branch by contacting the membership department at IOSH.

What is our purpose?

The mission of the East Anglia Branch is to promote and continually improve work-related safety, health and environmental sustainability. We aim to achieve this primarily through supporting members of the East Anglia Branch and creating opportunities for them to network and develop their competence.

How are we financed?

We're funded by a grant from IOSH, which is based on a budget that we submit, the principal constituents of which are the costs associated with running the meetings.

How are we run?

The executive committee has up to 20 members, who are all health or safety practitioners and have volunteered their services to help run the branch. Elections are held annually and any member can stand, although the Chairman, Vice-chairman and a majority of the executive committee must be corporate members. Please remember that we carry out our activities in addition to our normal work. We're not employed by IOSH or the branch. Executive committee meetings are held before each branch meeting, where we agree strategies for providing added value to our branch membership.

What do we do?

The executive committee organises a programme of events and activities to help you network with other safety professionals and maintain or improve your professional competence. We issue a programme every summer and keep you updated through this website, Connect and emails.

How can you get involved?

Please contact a committee member if you'd like to help the branch by assisting with activities, or offering a work placement. We're also always keen to welcome 'new blood' onto the committee. Please contact the Branch Secretary or Chairperson, if you'd like to raise any issues.

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