15 February 2018; Construction, Maintenance & Repair Hazards

  1. Phillip Baker Biography
  2. Presentation on Recognising Construction & Maintenance & Repair Hazards

18 January 2018; Leadership Impact on Cultural Safety

  1. Kevin Hard Biography.
  2. IOSH Chiltern presentation on Leadership Impact on Cultural Safety.
  3. Culture Questionnaire OCAID.

16 November 2017 – Legal Update, focusing on recent Case Law.

  1. IOSH Chiltern LH Intro 16/11/17
  2. IOSH Chiltern Branch HS Legal Update.
  3. Thriving at work stevenson farmer review.

19 October 2017 - The Elephant in the room. "Too Difficult To Do"!
Members pose problems and difficult to solve issues which tables discussion and hopefully resolve to learn from the experience of others.

  1. IOSH Chiltern LH Intro for web.
  2. IOSH Blueprint leaflet.

21 September 2017

IOSH Chiltern Branch presentations.

  1. Managing Hand-Arm Vibration risk. Presented by Gill Cussons.
  2. IOSH Work 2022 strategy and what to expect from your branch in the coming year.
  3. Blueprint leaflet

25 May 2017

Building a Safer World for the future IOSH Chiltern Branch event presentations.

Improving access for maintenance in buildings

Legionella Control in the real world

A modern, risk based approach to controlling the hazards and duties of building management.

20 April 2017 - Presentations

Noise and vibration presentation by Gill Cussons

Chiltern Branch AGM

16 March 2017 - Mental First Aid

The Mental First Aid presentation, presented by Henri Vale along with some practical exercises, aims to raise awareness on how to spot and what to do about colleagues at work who seem to be suffering with mental health issues.

16 February 2017 - Presentation

HSL Soft Skills for Positive Communication

17 January 2017 - Accident Investigation Presentation

Accident Investigation by Matthew Lee former HSE Inspector and registered Consultant

'Events and Casual Factors Analysis' Aug 1995 used for Practical workshop

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Chiltern Branch Secretary

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