The IOSH Caribbean Branch carries the torch for the No Time To Lose campaign

7 October 2016

Navin Ragoo (Vice-Chair) presents to employees of HHSL

On Friday 7th October, Shazam Edoo (Treasurer) and Navin Ragoo (Vice-Chair) held discussions with the Company, Hummingbird Helicopter Services Limited (HHSL) Safety Systems Limited located at Pacific Avenue, Point Lisas Industrial Estate, Couva.

Discussions were focused on IOSH’s “No Time To Lose” campaign (NTTLC) which aims to get carcinogenic exposure issues more widely understood and help businesses take action.

The purpose of the discussions was for HHSL to Pledge their commitment to the six-step plan to capture the key actions of the Company to manage carcinogenic exposures in the workplace.

Navin Ragoo delivered a presentation on the NTTLC to the Managing Director of HHSL, Mr. Anthony Vieira and supporting staff on the following points:

1. IOSH in 60 seconds.
2. Occupational cancer in Latin America and the Caribbean.
3. Pledge to take action - HHSL can reassure its staff and stakeholders through demonstrating their commitment to managing harmful exposures by signing up to the campaign pledge. Also, HHSL will be eligible for an IOSH certificate demonstrating its commitment.
4. Support the campaign - HHSL to support the “No Time To Lose” campaign by completing the required documentation. HHSL is to provide a supporting statement and the organization’s logo to go alongside it.
5. Spread the word - HHSL and the IOSH Caribbean Branch (IOSH CB) will be working together to spread the word to beat occupational cancer in the Caribbean. This will be done at HHSL’s location as part of its current introduction to safety programs and lunch time break-out sessions. The number of personnel will be recorded for reporting purposes.

The IOSH CB is awaiting communication from HHSL on these discussions and commitment and to move forward.

Navin Ragoo (Vice-Chair) presents to employees of HHSL 

Navin Ragoo (Vice-Chair) presents to employees of HHSL