Highlights of IOSH President's visit to the Caribbean Branch

18 July 2016

Dr. Karen McDonnell, IOSH President, visited the IOSH Caribbean Branch from 30 June to 2 July, 2016.

Dr. McDonnell’s visit was very eventful, as she and other Branch officials met with various organizations in Trinidad and Tobago to promote the work of IOSH.  These organizations included:

  • The Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT)

  • The Association of Upstream Operators of Trinidad and Tobago (AUOTT)

  • Shell TT

  • Massy Stores (Trinidad)

  • Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago (HRMATT)

Meeting with the Senior Management Team, Massy Stores Trinidad
Meeting with the Senior Management Team, Massy Stores (Trinidad)

Management Team at HRMATT
Management Team at HRMATT

The core topics of discussion at these meetings included:

  • The role of IOSH

  • IOSH’s No Time To Lose Campaign (NTTL)

  • IOSH Blueprint for competency assessment and development of Safety & Health practitioners

  • IOSH competency tools

  • Compliance and competence – positioning the profession for the future.

Dr. McDonnell and Curt Cadet, IOSH Caribbean Branch Chair, were also guests on the local television station, CNC3’s Morning Brew on Friday 1 July, 2016 where they were interviewed by Host, Hema Ramkissoon. In addition to examining the challenges and current issues in Trinidad and Tobago from an occupational safety and health standpoint, the following topics were discussed:

  • Role of IOSH and the Caribbean Branch, in particular the support that they can bring to improving OSH standards and performance

  • IOSH’s No Time To Lose (NTTL) Campaign regarding Occupational exposure to cancer causing agents

  • Role of the regulatory body in Trinidad i.e. OSH Agency

  • The absence of Construction (Design & Management) CDM Regulations in Trinidad and Tobago and the need for such

  • Provisions for expectant mothers in the workplace

  • Provision of PPE by the employer in the workplace

  • The need for competent OSH practitioners to advise employers.

Dr. McDonnell was also the feature speaker at the Caribbean Branch Members Meeting which was held on Saturday 2 July, 2016. Discussions were held concerning:

  • Working together to tackle psychosocial risks – a challenge for the OSH profession

  • IOSH’s No Time To Lose Campaign

  • Status of ISO 45001

  • IOSH’s Leading Safely training

  • Networks News

  • IOSH Magazine

  • New Chair for Board of Trustees

Overall, Dr. McDonnell’s visit was a successful one, where she was able to meet with key stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago; and promote the work of IOSH and its various campaigns.