Highlights of visit to the Caribbean Branch by IOSH Head of Development

28 November 2016

Mrs. Carolyn Issitt, IOSH Head of Development, visited the IOSH Caribbean Branch from 7 to 13 November, 2016 to promote the IOSH’s Blueprint - a self-assessment tool for OSH professionals to assess their competencies and produce professional profiles and development plans.

Mrs. Issitt’s visit was quite efficacious, as she and other Branch officials met with various organizations in Trinidad and Tobago to promote the work of IOSH. These organizations included:

  • The National Training Agency (NTA);
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Authority (OSHA); and
  • School of Business and Computer Studies (SBCS)

The focus of discussion at these meetings included:

  • The role of IOSH and the Caribbean Branch; the support that they can bring to improving OSH standards and professionalism using the IOSH Blueprint;
  • Using the Blueprint to assess skills, knowledge and experience;
  • The development of personalized professional development pathways;
  • Professional benchmarking across individuals and organizations; and
  • The IOSH Blueprint for competency assessment and development of Safety and Health practitioners, as well as practitioners in other professions.

Mrs. Issitt also played host at the IOSH Caribbean Branch’s booth at the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad and Tobago (AmCham TT) HSSE Conference and Exhibition on 8 - 9 November, 2016. This Conference, themed “Innovative HSSE Strategies for Today’s Challenges”, is an annual event that gathers the largest amount of OSH Professionals throughout Trinidad and Tobago and the Region.

Carolyn Issitt

Mrs. Carolyn Issitt, (second from left) IOSH Head of Development, engaging with potential IOSH Members

Mrs. Issitt was also the feature speaker at the annual National HSE Awards, hosted by AmCham. She gave an overview of the IOSH Blueprint, outlining the benefits for professionals and employers. She informed that all stakeholders – both IOSH members and non-members – will soon be able to access the IOSH Blueprint on-line at no cost and this would be supported by a knowledge bank of resources in the near future. This was an initiative in keeping with the organization’s charitable status. The audience seemed intrigued and was in anticipation to attempt using this tool when it is launched to the wider public in 2017.

Carolyn Issitt 

Mrs. Carolyn Issitt delivering the feature presentation at the AMCHAM TT National HSE Awards. 

On Friday 11th November, 2016, Mrs. Issitt was the feature speaker at the Caribbean Branch Members’ Meeting, at the Cara Suites Hotel and Conference Centre in Claxton Bay, Trinidad. Discussions included:

  • The IOSH Blueprint
  • The need for developing a systematic and global tool to measure competency of professionals in the world of work
  • The advantages of the Blueprint, not just for the professional, but also the employer

Collecting and analysing data to develop a data bank of resources which could guide development plans nationally and globally.

Carolyn Issitt

Mrs. Issitt presenting the IOSH Blueprint at IOSH CB's Members Meeting 

Overall, Mrs. Issitt’s visit was a success, where she was able to meet with key stakeholders in Trinidad and Tobago; and promote the work of IOSH, with a strong focus on Blueprint.

Further information on the Blueprint can be found here:


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