Why join IOSH?

IOSH is the organisation of choice for people involved in occupational safety and health.

Joining any organisation is a major decision, and the only way to judge the value of membership is by what it can do for you. So ask yourself… 

  • Does IOSH have aims and values that I share?
  • Would becoming a member enhance my opportunities?
  • If I became a member, would this help me achieve my goals?
  • Would I find all the benefits and services useful?

Regardless of what made you consider becoming a member of IOSH, we urge you to join our vibrant, forward-thinking community and share in all that's to be gained from being part of a world-leading organisation. At just £153 for the first year – that's less than £3.00 a week – membership represents excellent value for money.

Read about why you should join IOSH (PDF, 78KB).

I'm not interested in becoming a health and safety professional – is there anything in IOSH for me?


We exist first and foremost to promote health and safety. We believe that everyone has a right to a healthy and safe working environment. And we work hard to provide guidance that helps people take a sensible and practical approach to health and safety – whatever they do for a living.

Naturally, a big part of what we do is based on delivering knowledge and experience where it's needed through qualified working professionals. Because of this, our members give us a unique opportunity to bring about change and improvements at a national and international level.

But to make our voice fully credible, we need people from all walks of life who are passionate about health and safety. We need them to share in public debates, lobby government and get involved in our campaigns. We also need people to share their experiences and knowledge to help us keep an outward focus.

If you have an interest in health and safety, or just want to be kept in touch with developments so that you make the right business decisions, there's plenty in IOSH for you.

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