Standards and regulation

With our Code of conduct we set standards for our members that help them and serve the public interest. We review these standards proactively.

From 4 March 2013 we have decided to be much clearer that members' conduct must be consistent with four core standards - Integrity, Competence, Respect and Service. Download our Code of conduct (PDF 456 KB) to find out more.

Code of conduct

Royal Charter and Byelaws

We offer individual Charters to members who successfully complete the IPD process. The process of becoming a Chartered member is laid down in the Royal Charter and Byelaws and we don't deviate from it. As with all institutions that offer individual Charters, we've created a process that's fair, transparent and objective. We don't offer Chartered membership based on a member's experience alone the member must first obtain a degree-level qualification in occupational safety and health.

Find out more about becoming Chartered.


Have a look at our Royal Charter and Byelaws (PDF 1MB) for the criteria and definition of our membership categories.

Membership team

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