The qualifications listed here meet the academic requirements for Associate/Technical (AIOSH/Tech IOSH) and Graduate (Grad IOSH) membership.

To find out more about our membership categories, including the experience and professional development activities required for a member to be eligible for each status, please see our membership structure overview.

All qualifications listed below have been accredited by IOSH. It is through this process that we monitor the content and standards of occupational safety and health courses and maintain the initial standards required for our nominated categories of membership. We have produced guides on our accreditation process so you can find out more about how we assess qualifications against the academic requirements of the Graduate category of membership and the Associate and Technical categories of membership. For further information please email the Membership team.

Abbreviations (see right) indicate which category of membership each qualification is levelled against, plus the modes of study available.

View a list of the IOSH Accreditation Process here.

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Key to abbreviations:

f/t = full time course
p/t = part time course
d/l = distance learning
A/T = Associate/Technical
G = Graduate
GC = Graduate Cognate

Courses accredited for


Study type

Institutions results

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  • University of Technology Mauritius

    • School of Sustainable Development and Tourism
    • University of Technology,Mauritius
    • La Tour Koenig
    • Ponite -Aux-Sables
    • Mauritius


    Tel: + 230 2075250

    Fax: +230 234 6269

    • Associate or Technical category
    • Graduate category
    • Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health Management (f/t p/t) (A/T)
    • BSc (Hons) Occupational Safety and Health Management (f/t p/t) (G)
  • University of the West of Scotland

    • Mr J Miller, Centre for Environmental and Waste Management
    • School of Science and Sport, University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus
    • High Street
    • Paisley
    • Scotland
    • UK
    • PA1 2BE


    Tel: +44 (0)141 848 3146

    Fax: +44 (0)141 848 3116

    • Associate or Technical category
    • Graduate category
    • Graduate Cognate category
    • Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health (f/t p/t) (This is an exit award of the BSc in Occupational Safety and Health) (A/T)
    • BSc in (Hons) Occupational Safety and Health (G)
    • BSc (Hons) Environmental Health (GC)
  • University of Wollongong

    • Dr Vinod Gopaldasani, School of Health Sciences
    • University of Wollongong
    • Building 41, Northfield Avenue
    • Wollongong
    • Australia
    • NSW 2522


    Tel: +61 (0)2 4221 5232

    Fax: +61 (0)2 4221 5945

    • Graduate category
    • Master of Work Health and Safety (f/t p/t) (G)
    • Graduate Diploma in Work Health and Safety
  • Vidya Prasarak Mandals Polytechnic

    • Prof. D K Nayak, Building No 1
    • Chendani, Bunder Road
    • Thane West, 40061
    • Mumbai
    • India


    Tel: +91 025 446 551

    • Graduate category
    • Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety (G)
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