The qualifications listed here meet the academic requirements for Associate/Technical (AIOSH/Tech IOSH) and Graduate (Grad IOSH) membership.

To find out more about our membership categories, including the experience and professional development activities required for a member to be eligible for each status, please see our membership structure overview.

All qualifications listed below have been accredited by IOSH. It is through this process that we monitor the content and standards of occupational safety and health courses and maintain the initial standards required for our nominated categories of membership. We have produced guides on our accreditation process so you can find out more about how we assess qualifications against the academic requirements of the Graduate category of membership and the Associate and Technical categories of membership. For further information please email the Membership team.

Abbreviations (see right) indicate which category of membership each qualification is levelled against, plus the modes of study available.

View a list of the IOSH Accreditation Process here

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Key to abbreviations:

f/t = full time course
p/t = part time course
d/l = distance learning
A/T = Associate/Technical
G = Graduate
GC = Graduate Cognate

Courses accredited for


Study type

Institutions results

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    • SRDI and Macau University of Science & Technology, School of Further Education
    • Alameda Dr. Carlos D' Assumpção
    • 335-341, Hotline Centre, 10/F,
    • Macau


    Tel: +852 2398 3885

    Fax: +852 2398 3840

    • Graduate category
    • Higher Certificate in Occupational Safety & Health (p/t) (A/T)
    • Professional Diploma in Safety Engineering & Management (p/t) (G)
  • Technical University of Gabrovo

    • Associate Prof. Georgi Velev
    • Dept. of Basic Principles of Electrical and Power Engineering
    • 4” Hadzhi Dimitar Str
    • 53000
    • Gabrovo
    • Bulgaria


    Tel: +359 66 827376

    • Graduate category
    • Master – Engineer in Occupational Safety (p/t f/t) (G)
  • The Open University of Hong Kong

    • School of Science and Technology
    • The Open University of Hong Kong
    • Room A0919, 30 Good Shepherd Street
    • Kowloon
    • Hong Kong

    Tel: +852 2768 6844

    Fax: +852 2789 1170

    • Graduate category
    • MSc in Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management  (p/t, face to face) (G)
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Safety and Occupational Health (p/t/, face to face) (G)
  • The Open University of Hong Kong LiPACE

    • The Open University of Hong Kong, 8-11/F, Tower 2,
    • Kowloon Commerce Centre,
    • 51-53 Kwai Cheong Road
    • Kwai chung
    • Hong Kong


    Tel: +852 3120 9988

    Fax: +852 2239 4314

    • Associate or Technical category
    • Graduate category
    • Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (p/t) (A/T)
    • Professional Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (G)
  • Trinity College Dublin

    • Dr N Harty, Ms D Walsh - Department of Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering
    • Museum Building
    • Trinity College
    • Dublin 2
    • Republic of Ireland


    Tel: +353 (0)1 896 1007

    • Graduate category
    • PGD  Health and Safety in Construction (p/t) (G)
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