Past events

Programmes, details and links from past events organised by RIG can be found below.

02 November 2017 - Safe farm transport deliveries – driving safety forward

Alan Plom – Introductions and overview

Jeff Marston – The AIC perspective

Luke Messenger – HSE perspective, relevant incidents, prosecutions and guidance

Steve Garnett – Avoiding overhead power lines – guidance and training

Adam Meredith – User-worked crossings

Lucy Allen - 'SatNavs' as a safe driving and driver aid

Craig Long - Managing visitors, staff and farm transport operations

Alan Plom - Driver health with dust, fumes, sun, fatigue and vibration

Alan Plom – Final thoughts and event summary

16 March 2017 – Trees, grass and caterpillars - Improving the rural economy and environment through good practice


Alan Plom - Introductions and overview

Andrew Turner – The regulators perspective

Neil Huck – The contractors perspective

Paul Smith – Trees and tree work

Event report

Event Flyer

Outdoor demonstration sessions

19 May 2016 – ‘Trees, grass and caterpillars’ – the Chris May memorial event


Alan Plom – Introductions, objectives and event review

Andrew Turner – The Regulator’s perspective

Neil Huck, Ground Control – Occupational health issues in groundcare and treework

Gristwood & Toms – event Risk Assessment and Method Statement

10 March 2016 – Forestry specialists update event

Take a look at the speaker biographies and the event programme.

Alan Plom – Intro (PDF, 389 KB)

Steve Dresser – FISA update (PDF, 2.18 MB)

Iain Sutherland – HSE update (PDF, 686 KB)

Julie McMorran – CDM regulations (PDF, 2.53 MB)

Chris Pike – Slips trips and falls (PDF, 733 KB)

Alex Macleod – A82 Project (PDF, 6.35 MB)

Sarah Morton – Ticks and lyme disease (PDF, 1.97 KB)

06 November 2015 – Occupational water safety – a new frontier

This event, developed and delivered jointly by IOSH Rural Industries Group (RIG) together with the Royal Life Saving Society (UK) and Waterwise Training Ltd, was relevant to every sector of industry carrying out work near, not just on or in water.  We hope that other IOSH Branches and Industry Groups will be inspired to run a similar event.

A short film provides an overview of the content and format (including the working demonstrations) and comments from delegates and speakers.

Read the full report (PDF, 869KB) - a comprehensive (14pp) summary of each presentation and list of other sources of information, relevant guidance and training.

View the event flyer and programme.

A short report and precis of each presentation, interviews with speakers and selection of photos taken at the event are available via our Pinterest page - further photos are included in the full report.

water safety event

water safety event

water safety event 

water safety event

View the presentations below:

Alan Plom - Background, objectives and arrangements for the day (PDF, 1.63 MB)

Damian Hall - The evolution of occupational water safety
(PDF, 1.22 MB)

Ray Cooke - Accident history and review of relevant cases
(PDF, 640 KB)

James Maclean and Jeremy Melhuish - Land and Water Group and Waterwise (PDF, 2.77 MB)

Jonathan Jones - Working next to water - learning from experience (PDF, 2.65 MB)

Mike Moskot - Learning from incidents (PDF, 404 KB)

John Hallows - The future - what do you need to do (PDF, 344 KB)

Alan Plom - Event summary (PDF, 131 KB)

23 October 2014 - Managing Cattle Safely

View the Managing Cattle Safety event report

[PDF, 759 KB] 

View the event programme

[PDF, 248 KB]

View the event flyer

[PDF, 126 KB]

View presentations:

Mark Riddle - Improving safety by design of fixed and mobile handling facilities

[PDF, 992 KB]

Lysan Eppink - Managing cattle safely: A Vets view

[PDF, 2.47 MB]

Liz Evans - Managing cattle safely: Setting the scene

[PDF, 144 KB]

Adam Quinney - Review of FSP structure, activities and outputs

[PDF, 1.09 MB]

John McNamara - Raising awareness and improving standards through effective communications

[PDF, 2.32 MB]

26 February 2014 - Trees, grounds and caterpillars 

ECA winner logo

This event and related package of information and guidance compiled by RIG won the IOSH 'Excellence in Communications' Award 2014. This event was developed and run jointly with East Anglia Branch and RIG hopes that other Branches will be inspired to run similar (joint) events.

A short film provides an overview of the content and format (including working demonstrations) and comments from delegates and speakers.

The full event report can be read here.

The flyer can be viewed here. Have a look at some of the photos from this event

View presentations:

Kevin Moore - 'Landowner Tree Management Duties'

Paul Smith - 'Engaging (Competent) Arboricultural Contractors - ‘ARB Approved Contractors’'

Neil Huck - 'Occupational health issues in amenity groundcare (including manual handling, hand-arm vibration, noise, saps and insects)'

Speaker biographies:

Download the speaker biographies

A unique list of published guidance, websites and other sources of information relevant to treework and groundcare operations (including the use of pesticides) has also been compiled.

01 October 2013 - Machinery safety - what do we do now?

The Rural Industries Group, on behalf of the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP), ran a Machinery Safety Workshop on 01 October 2013 at the National Farmers Union (NFU), Stoneleigh.

Machine safety

Agriculture continues to have the highest fatal incidence rate, with injuries and ill health also causing concern. This aim of this event was to share information and to increase interest, involvement and support for the FSP.

This workshop was an open meeting, not just for FSP members. IOSH members and any others from the industry who were willing to play their part were welcome. The event attracted a lot of interest and was fully booked.

View some of the presentations from the event.

Events organised by Ireland Branch Rural Industries Section

IOSH Ireland Branch launched its Rural Industries Section on Tuesday 5 April at Lough Owel Angling Centre, near Mullingar.

Branch chair Declan Gibney and new Rural Industries Section chair Michael Cusack spoke about their plans.

The event can be watched the IOSH YouTube channel.

Visit the Ireland IOSH Branch for updates on their activities.