Our membership network

Our networks

As an IOSH member, our Branch and Group networks help you:

  • meet other professionals and share best practice
  • get the latest news, developments and guidance
  • go to free or low cost seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars and site visits near you or in your industry
  • get support for your professional development through learning opportunities and mentoring

Our Branches (UK and International)

Our Branches are localised membership groups. Throughout the UK and around the world, through meetings and activities, they help support members by providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD), learning and professional networking opportunities. Find out more about our Branches.

Our Groups

Through our Groups, you can network with people and share information related to different industry sectors. Find out more about our Groups.

Our Members

Network with other Occupational Health and Safety professionals in our Member directory. It's a great way to find another IOSH member who might be in a different Branch or Group, but who shares your skills and experience. Find out more about our Member directory.