AGM and presentation on cyber security

AGM and presentation on cyber security
  • Tue 1 May 2018 5:30 PM -
    Tue 1 May 2018 7:00 PM

  • University of Teesside,
    Borough Road,
    United Kingdom

    TS1 3BA

  • Branch meeting

    Tees Branch

  • This event is free to attend


AGM will be followed by a presentation on Cybersecurity in a Changing Digital Environment

What's in it for you?

CPD and networking opportunities, Understanding of Cybersecurity.

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What you need to know

Brief Synopsis: The all-pervasive and ubiquitous nature of the computer and digital technology has made a profound mark on almost every aspect of our lives. The speed at which individuals, businesses, organisations and governments are utilising digital technology and generating data is increasing at an unprecedented rate.

As the use of computing grows and the dependency on systems and the data held in those systems increases there are many opportunities and challenges for computer science. One of those challenges is dealing with cybercrime. In parallel with the growth of computing there is a growing threat from cybercrime. Cybercrime has reached pandemic proportions – global and never ending. The application of digital forensics techniques seeks to solve cybercrime after the event and the application of cybersecurity seeks to develop robust computer systems and networks to prevent the cybercrime happening in the first place.

The cybersecurity domain is a challenging and complex one with technology developing at a fantastic speed and threats coming from all directions from national states to cybercriminals to individuals. Protecting the systems and using data in a safe and secure environment requires specialist understanding and awareness. There is a need for technical cybersecurity specialists to design, implement and maintain secure information systems, applications and networks.

There is however a paradox – there is a large skills gap in the cybersecurity domain and there is a demand for graduates and professionals with appropriate skills in cybersecurity. There is a challenge for educators to work with employers and government to provide programmes to address the skills gap in cybersecurity.

In this lecture Professor Alastair Irons, will examine the evolution of cybersecurity, the current challenges and threats in cybersecurity, the growth in demand for cybersecurity graduates and the cybersecurity skills gap.

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