Principles of health and safety at work: 8th edition

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  • by Allan St John Holt and edited by Jim Allen
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  • Softback, 356 pages
  • ISBN 978 0 901357 43 4

First published in 1991, Principles of health and safety at work remains a bestselling reference handbook for those studying, lecturing and practising health and safety at work. Originally written by the late safety expert Allan St John Holt, this new edition has been comprehensively revised and updated by Allan’s colleague, Jim Allen.

"Principles is essential reading for NEBOSH Certificate students and safety representatives for good reason. It is a clear and concise introductory text, providing all the legal, practical and referential tools required to ensure best practice is followed."

Adam Crozier, Chief Executive, Royal Mail

"Brilliant! This book has been invaluable"

Building manager, NEBOSH student



Many home and work injuries involve falls from heights. The human body is not designed to resist impacts well, and the resulting injuries are unpredictable in their extent. This is where luck has a place in safety – the outcome of fall injuries is mostly dictated by chance. People have failed to survive a fall from as little as a metre; others have survived unbroken falls from 10m. Because the outcome in any individual case cannot be known in advance, the only course to follow must be one of prevention.

Readers are referred to the Work at Height Regulations 2005 (see Part 4 Section 23), which have incorporated the principles and much of what follows in this Section into law. Table 1 will assist in interpreting the Regulations.