Non-work-related conditions

This section of the Toolkit brings together information, guidance, factsheets, case studies, training materials and more to help you tackle non-work-related occupational health issues.

You can use this section to identify and manage those affected by such non-work-related health issues and get people back to work if they've been off ill. The section also provides background information on the issues, as well as professional organisations you can approach for further help.

Which topics can this section help me with?

Return to work after cancer | Pregnancy | Diabetes | Stroke | Heart disease

Return to work after cancer

A woman and a man talking in an office 

Increasing numbers of people return to work after cancer. This section gives advice and resources for employers managing the process.



You can use this section to obtain information about the legal obligations, best practice and advice on a number of issues relating to pregnancy at work.



Diabetes is a chronic condition whereby the body is not able to regulate its glucose levels which can lead to serious health complications.



Strokes are the third largest cause of death in the United Kingdom, and have the potential to cause a greater range of disabilities than any other condition.

Heart disease

heart disease 

Heart disease is one of the most common health conditions across the world with a potential to cause death or permanent disability.