Need professional advice

Please note that in line with IOSH's agreement with the consortium running OSHCR, the IOSH Register of Consultants is now closed. All consultants on our Register of Consultants have been contacted regarding the withdrawal and advised to register with OSHCR.

The new Occupational Safety and Health Consultants' Register (OSHCR) has been launched with over 2,400 highly qualified professionals signed up. The register will enable consultants to offer their expertise to those who need advice on managing their general health and safety risks.

Who is on the register?

The register is voluntary and open to professionals who advise on general health and safety management. It's only open to consultants who have met certain standards within their professional bodies and commit to:

  • Demonstrating adequate continuing professional development
  • Abiding by their professional body’s code of conduct
  • Providing sensible and proportionate advice
  • Having professional indemnity insurance or equivalent to cover the nature of their duties

Who can use the register?

Anyone looking for professional help can freely access the OSHCR website to search for consultants who may be suitable to help with their specific needs. The filter facility allows users to search by county, industry or topic.

If you would like more information about working with consultants IOSH has produced a booklet called Getting help with health and safety (PDF 207 KB) which offers practical guidance on working with a consultant.