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  • Health and Safety in a Changing World

    Edited by Robert Dingwall and Shelley Frost
    health and safety in a changing world book cover

    Health and Safety in a Changing World (2017, Routledge) is the result of a major five-year research programme funded by IOSH.

    • Price: £34.99
    • IOSH book 164 pages
    • ISBN: 978-1-13-822521-3
  • Ergonomics in action: a practical guide for the workplace 

    by Céline McKeown
    Ergonomics front cover

    Ergonomics is the discipline that focuses on people and their environment. Within that environment, ergonomics looks at the work that people perform, the equipment and tools they use, the conditions in which they work and the psychosocial aspects of their workplace. The aim of ergonomics is to improve the ‘fit’ between people and the environment in which they work.

    • Price: £30
    • IOSH book 256 pages
    • ISBN: 978 0 901357 47 2
  • Disasters: learning the lessons for a safer world

    by David Eves
    Disasters thumb

    This book, illustrated in colour throughout, looks at over 90 accidents, incidents and safety failures from the last 200 years. Some, like Aberfan, Chernobyl and Hillsborough, are so famous that they are known simply by a single place name. Others have now faded from the public consciousness but still have important lessons for us today.

    • Price: £30
    • IOSH book 256 pages
    • ISBN: 978 0 901357 46 5
  • Be the best: how to become a world class health and safety professional

    by Richard Byrne
    Be the best thumb

    This isn’t a typical health and safety book. It won’t tell you why you should manage health and safety, or even what you should be managing – there are plenty of other books that do that.

    • Price: £30
    • IOSH book 106 pages
    • ISBN: 978 0 901357 46 5
  • Principles of health and safety at work: 8th edition

    by Allan St John Holt and edited by Jim Allen
    Principles thumb

    First published in 1991, Principles of health and safety at work remains a bestselling reference handbook for those studying, lecturing and practising health and safety at work. Originally written by the late safety expert Allan St John Holt, this new edition has been comprehensively revised and updated by Allan’s colleague, Jim Allen.

    • Price: £30
    • IOSH book 356 pages
    • ISBN: 978 0 901357 43 4
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