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  • IOSH wellbeing policy


    'Wellbeing' is about people's experience of their quality of life, including their working life. We know that 'good work' is good for health and wellbeing and among other things, this is work that's healthy, safe, supportive and accommodates people's needs.

    As large parts of employees' lives are spent at work, employers can and should play an important role in helping them achieve better quality working lives and the occupational safety and health community can help support improved wellbeing at work.

    Work-related health and safety risks need to be effectively managed before the introduction of wellbeing programmes and these should be based on worker consultation and support wider strategies, such as health and safety and HR

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  • Health and safety in a shifting landscape: Programme report

    shifting landscape
    This report summarises IOSH's five-year research programme, Health and safety in a changing world. It looks at how OSH policy and practice can adapt to changes in the structure of British industry and the composition of the workforce, attitudes to regulation and approaches to workplace safety that are based on risk rather than on hazard. The report is a precursor to the book Health and safety in a changing world, which analyses the research programme findings in depth. The book addresses the changing context of health and safety, its development and application in practice, and its fitness for purpose now. For more details, visit
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  • Managing the safety, health and security of mobile workers: an occupational safety and health practitioner’s guide

    Managing the safety  health and security of mobile workers
    This publication, developed jointly by the International SOS Foundation and IOSH, sets out the aspects of safety, health and security for which organisations should take responsibility when dealing with workers travelling for work or on international assignment. It emphasises the need for dynamic risk assessment and planning for critical situations. A special section reviews the arrangements that may be needed for women, workers with disabilities, older workers, LGBT workers and students on placement.
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  • Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR)

    Thumbnail image of OSHCR website

    OSHCR was established in response to the Government’s Common Sense, Common Safety report, which recommended that all Health and Safety consultants should be accredited to a professional body and that a register of certified professionals be established in the form of a web-based directory. 

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  • Occupational health risk management in construction

    Technical guide

    The aim of this guide is to provide occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners with a basic understanding of the key issues of occupational health provision in construction.

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