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  • Perspectives on effective leadership for health and safety

    Effective Leadership
    The contributions which make up this document arose from a one-day seminar on leadership organised by IOSH's Midland Branch East District. This collection of thought-provoking pieces provides different perspectives on effective leadership. Although they do not constitute a formal IOSH position on the subject, they can be used as prompts for individual reflection and discussion with peers and others in the workplace.
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  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    IOSH advocates OSH beyond minimum compliance in the CSR and sustainability agenda to improve performance and save lives. We believe stronger linkage between OSH and CSR and sustainability can help ensure that OSH is viewed more strategically and positively and that standards are raised worldwide.

    Health and safety professionals have a leading role to play in building sustainable workforces within sustainable organisations for a sustainable world – protecting life and limb and strengthening reputation, resilience and results.

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  • R&D programme - what it means to you

    R&D programme – What it means to you
    In 2005, we launched a £1 million-plus Research and Development Fund. Since then, we’ve commissioned new research each year and continue to publish the findings. Over 50 development projects have also benefited from the Fund.
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  • Our OH toolkit

    Red toolbox on blue background asking users to access the IOSH Occupational Health toolkit

    The OH toolkit is a free resource. It brings together information, guidance, factsheets, case studies, training materials, presentations and more to help you tackle occupational health problems.

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  • Safety rules and procedures: the evidence base by Health and Safety Technology and Management Ltd and University of Ballarat (2012)

    sound foundations

    The findings of this study are presented in several reports: a review of the scientific and professional literature on rule and procedure management (literature review), guidance to help businesses make their safety rules more effective and efficient (notes of guidance report), and a summary report.

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