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  • Return to work after common mental disorders

    Return to work after mental health

    Perspectives of workers, mental health professionals, occupational health professionals, general physicians and managers

    Common mental disorders (CMDs), such as anxiety, stress and depression, are among the leading causes of disability worldwide and have a major impact in terms of lost productivity and sickness absence. Returning to work is a complex process in which different stakeholders may be involved and have to co-operate.

    This report discusses the return-to-work process of workers on sick leave with CMDs, and the barriers and facilitators from a multi-stakeholder perspective, ie workers, managers, mental health professionals, occupational health professionals and general physicians. This research was undertaken by Tilburg University.

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  • Out of sight, out of mind?

    Out of sight, out of mind research front cover

    Research into the Occupational Safety and Health of Distributed Workers

    Less well-defined workforce and recent changes to more flexible working patterns are introducing challenges to today's workplaces. One of these transformations is exemplified by the way many workers spend at least some of their work time working away from a main office or location. Leading the occupational safety and health of these distributed workers is challenging, due to less opportunities for face-to-face contact and potential issues of access to safety, health and wellbeing resources.

    The goal of this research is to understand the roles of both OSH practitioners and line managers play, to ensure the safety and health of distributed workers.

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  • The role of health problems and drug treatments in accidental injury at work

    Cover of The role of health problems and drug treatments in accidental injury at work

    This report analysed risks of workplace injury arising from epilepsy, diabetes, mental health disorders, impairments of vision and hearing, disorders of balance, and certain drug treatments known to effect brain function.

    This research was funded with the University of Southampton through Professor Keith Palmer.

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  • Coaching to engage

    Coaching to engage

    There is an increasing acceptance within the occupational safety and health profession that a knowledge of the law and compliance standards is not enough.

    To succeed, an occupational safety and health practitioner needs to engage and influence at a leadership level. The role is increasingly collaborative, supportive, challenging and helpful – the characteristics of a coach.

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  • Health and Safety in a Changing World

    Edited by Robert Dingwall and Shelley Frost
    health and safety in a changing world book cover

    Health and Safety in a Changing World (2017, Routledge) is the result of a major five-year research programme funded by IOSH.

    • Price: See publisher's website
    • IOSH book 164 pages
    • ISBN: 978-1-13-822521-3
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