Keith's visit to Kazakhstan

In March 2017, Keith Morey, Chair of IOSH's Railway Group, visited Kazakhstan on a knowledge-sharing assignment.

The visit aimed at aiding KTZ's capacity building in health and safety, by comparing and sharing experience about health and safety practices in the rail industry between Kazakhstan and the UK.

Keith's presented to KTZ the work of the IOSH Railway Group, met with the organisation's health and safety team to discuss the challenges they face, visited work areas across their operations before sharing his observations and experiences.

Keith Morey talking on a videoKeith Morey talking on a video

Keith Morey

Keith Morey portrait

Keith Morey is Chair of IOSH’s Railway Group. His day job is CDM Integration Manager for Network Rail. His role is wide-ranging and includes delivering the health and wellbeing strategy, involvement in the workforce council and workforce safety forum, promoting IOSH’s No Time to Lose campaign within the organisation and across the rail industry, and implementing behavioural safety days.

His previous experience includes being Company Safety Manager for YJL Infrastructure and Safety Adviser for Interserve Rail.

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