IOSH structure

IOSH became a registered charity in 1962 and awarded a Royal Charter in 2002.

Its Council, Presidential team and Board of Trustees make up the central governance structure of the organisation and undertakes corporate governance.


Council is made up of 36 members (both Corporate and non-Corporate) elected by the membership. The Officers of the Institution (President, President Elect, Immediate Past President and Vice-Presidents) also sit on Council in an ex-officio capacity. It is chaired by the President and meets at least twice a year.

Council’s role is to champion and represent the views of members to the Board of Trustees. It provides advice and guidance on matters of strategy and policy relating to the objects of the Institution, on issues relevant to members, on the membership of IOSH and on the occupational safety and health profession. Council carefully considers information and evidence provided by the Board of Trustees in order to enable it to ensure that the Board of Trustees is acting in the best interests of the Institution and its members.

It is also responsible for the appointment of the Chairman and trustees to the Board of Trustees, as well as nominating the President Elect and Vice-Presidents to be approved at the Annual General Meeting by the membership.

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The Presidential team

The Presidential team consists of the President, the President Elect, the Immediate Past President and six Vice-Presidents (the Officers of the Institution).

The team works closely with the Institution in an ambassadorial capacity, supporting the delivery of key strategic messages to the membership and globally to the wider occupational health and safety profession.

The President Elect and two new Vice-Presidents are nominated by Council and approved by the membership at its Annual General Meeting. This is also when the President and Immediate Past President are confirmed.

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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Council and is responsible for developing and setting the Institution’s strategy and overseeing its implementation. It ensures efficient and effective governance and management of IOSH through the Chief Executive and the Senior Leadership Team, who make the day-to-day operational decisions.

The trustees are also legally accountable for all IOSH activities, assets and results, ensuring compliance with the charity’s objects, its governing documents and all relevant legislation and regulation.

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There are also four committees of the Board; Audit and Risk, Finance and Investment, Performance and Development and Policy and Standards. These committees support the Board of Trustees in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities to the Institution.

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Our governance structure – Accountability

IOSH Governance structure