IOSH structure

IOSH became a registered charity in 1962 and awarded a Royal Charter in 2002.

Its Council, Presidential team, Board of Trustees and a network of committees makes up the structure of the organisation and undertakes corporate governance.


The Council is the representative body of the Institution. It is made up of elected members that provide advice and debate on strategic, professional and policy issues and represent the views of members to the Board of Trustees.

Have a look at the list of Council members (PDF 29.5KB).

The Presidential team

The Presidential team consists of the President, the President Elect, the Immediate Past President and six Vice-Presidents.

The terms of office begin at the Institution’s annual general meeting, and lasts for one year for the President, President Elect and Immediate Past President and for three years for incoming Vice-Presidents.

There are six Vice-Presidents on Council, with two retiring each year, therefore an election takes place for two new Vice-Presidents annually.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is appointed by the Council and is responsible for overseeing management of IOSH affairs. The Board has legal accountability for all our activities and results, it consists of six members, four independents (non-IOSH members), the chair (who may be a member or an independent) and the Chief Executive, and meet six times a year.

Have a look at the list of  Trustees (PDF 364KB) or current vacancies.

Our Committees

We have a number of committees who are responsible for different areas of our work. Read about the work of our Committees (PDF 359KB).

We have produced a diagram showing how IOSH is represented by its Council, Board of Trustees and our network of committees. View below, or download as a PDF.

IOSH Structure Nov 2017