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Our Public affairs team speaks to politicians of all parties, across the world, wherever health and safety is on the agenda. We engage with them through...

One-to-one meetings

We engage with politicians who we think will support and promote our policies and positions, or have expressed an interest in health and safety.


Our briefings help politicians understand specific issues ahead of important parliamentary debates or inquiries. IOSH is a key point of contact whenever health and safety comes up in Parliaments at the supra-national, national and sub-national level.


We engage our members and respond to consultations related to health and safety, so that our views are heard by Government, policy-makers and our wider stakeholders. Have a look at the current list of consultations to view our responses or contribute to live consultations.


To reach a wider audience, we regularly arrange multi-stakeholder opportunities for informed debate and discussion with influential politicians, policy advisers, business leaders and other bodies.

Party conferences

We attend political party conferences to showcase IOSH and promote our aims to delegates. This is an ideal opportunity to renew existing relations and form new ones with key decision-makers across the political spectrum – participating in fringe meetings and questioning influential panellists on topical issues.

The IOSH Manifesto

The IOSH Manifesto provides calls to action for policymakers covering several strategic socio-economic themes – from improving health at work, to developing leadership and socially responsible business.

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Please feel free to contact the IOSH Public Affairs team through the contact details below:

Richard Jones

Richard Jones
Head of Policy and Public Affairs

Andrew Baldwin

Andrew Baldwin 
Public Affairs Adviser

Public affairs team

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