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IOSH has sponsored research projects on older workers

Older man wearing hard hatPost-retirement age workers and health and safety’ compares the safety experiences and practices of post-retirement workers with those of pre-retirement workers.

Older man wearing hi-vis vestHealth, safety and health promotion needs of older workers’ reviews the evidence base from current and recent international research to identify good practice in action.

EU-OSHA’s research on an ageing workforce

A green cogSafer and healthier work at any age: country inventories’ reviews each EU country’s policies, strategies and programmes that address the occupational safety and health challenges of an ageing workforce.

A green cogReview of rehabilitation and return to work’ provides an up-to-date summary of knowledge on vocational rehabilitation and return-to-work systems, programmes and interventions, and their different components.

A green cogAnalysis report of workplace good practices and support needs of enterprises’ provides case study examples of good practice across employment sectors and organisational size.

European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound) research on older employees

A green cogSustainable work and the ageing workforce’ considers the work environments that make work sustainable over a lifetime.

A green cogA guide to good practice in age management’ reviews case studies from a range of organisations across the EU that have introduced good practice in recruiting, supporting and retaining older workers.

The Health and Safety Executive and the Health and Safety Laboratory’s research on an ageing workforce

A green cogAgeing and work-related musculoskeletal disorders: a review of recent literature’ identifies the factors that make older workers more susceptible to work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

A green cogAn update on the literature on age and employment’ reviews the stereotyped views some employers have of the abilities and attitudes of older workers and how these can both positively and negatively influence the retention and recruitment of older workers.

A green cogAge-related changes and safety critical work’ assesses existing evidence on age-related changes in performance and safety critical work, identifying tools that help duty holders assess human function and performance.