best practice guide

Center for the Safety and Health Sustainability (CSHS)

As a founder member of the CSHS, IOSH supports the recommended structure in the Best practice guide for occupational health and safety in sustainability reports. The guide identifies:

  • examples of suitable occupational health and safety management systems
  • metrics to be included in performance reporting
  • details of programme and performance auditing.

CSHS has also produced:

accounting revolution

Global Reporting Index (GRI)

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has developed the GRI Standards that supersede the G4 sustainability reporting guidelines, which will be phased out on 01 July 2018. The standards aim to enable organisations of all sizes and sectors to benchmark reporting.

International Integrated Reporting Council

The International Integrated Reporting Council has produced an Integrated Reporting Framework as a methodology of bringing cohesion and efficiency to reporting processes and breaking down silos. The methodology has been tested by businesses and investors across 26 countries.

European Commission

The European Commission have released new guidelines on non-financial reporting to help organisations improve transparency on social and environmental issues.

Valuing your Talent

Valuing your Talent is a collaborative movement focusing on how people create and drive value in business. What is human capital reporting? aims to expound the benefits of ‘people measures’. The website includes case studies of organisations that have used these analytics.

Ethical Trading Initiative

The Ethical Trading Initiative has produced Base Code, an internationally recognised code of labour practice founded on the conventions of the International Labour Organization.

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)

EU-OSHA has produced a research document on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and safety and health at work.

United Nations Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

The United Nations Business and Human Rights Resource Centre has produced a Guide to corporate sustainability. It defines five features of corporate sustainability aligning with 10 principles on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. In addition, the UN Human Rights Council has endorsed the Guiding principles on business and human rights.