Corporate Social Responsibility

The following resources explain IOSH’s position on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, as well as provide support and guidance for establishing good practice in your organisation.

High standards of health and safety are essential to the CSR and sustainability agenda. Going beyond basic minimum compliance means that organisations can not only save lives, but also enhance their reputations, strengthen their resilience and improve their financial results. Better transparency and meaningful corporate reporting can help drive improved occupational safety and health performance across organisations and supply chains, making them safer, healthier and more sustainable.

IOSH has a number of policy statements that outline our position on sustainability and CSR.

  • In our corporate social responsibility and sustainability policy, we advocate occupational safety and health that goes beyond minimum compliance. The policy argues for a leading role for health and safety professionals in building workforce sustainability.
  • Our statement on reporting performance advocates meaningful and comparable occupational safety and health performance data in internal and public reports as a driver for improvement.
  • Our accountability policy details our position that forward-thinking organisations are led by directors (or equivalents) who provide leadership and direction in occupational safety and health and recognise its value in achieving a number of business benefits.

The following resources, which include reports, case studies and research, will highlight the work that IOSH and other organisations are doing to support CSR and sustainability:

Influencing activity

IOSH’s participation in events and consultations allows us to extend our influence on CSR and sustainability practices around the world. Find out more about IOSH's influence on policy.

We maximise our influence by working with other organisations in a number of areas. Read more about our partnerships.

Public benefits

The benefits of high health and safety standards are visible throughout workplaces, but there are also key benefits for the wider public too. Find out more.