What we are up to

IOSH staff speaking to delegates at the IOSH conference stand

From campaigning on key issues, lobbying governments on policy and law to developing new health and safety tools, our work keeps us very busy! Here's a taster of what we've recently been up to and what's happening soon.

Recent highlights

IOSH recently wrote to the UK Prime Minister following the Grenfell Tower Fire in London, arguing that good, well-evidenced and proportionate regulations in health and safety, based on full consultation, are not “burdens on business” but provide essential protection for the public from identifiable risks.

We also recently lent support to two awareness weeks, Mental Health Awareness Week and Sun Awareness Week.

In the former, we looked at what health and safety practitioners can do to help reduce the estimated 9.9 million UK working days lost in 2014/15 due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety. IOSH’s Occupational Health Toolkit has a section on stress which can help members to tackle this. And for the latter, sun awareness week, we are encouraging members to take advantage of the free resources on the No Time to Lose website.

What's coming up?

Throughout the summer our public affairs team will be promoting the value of good health and safety management to politicians across the world.

In the UK, following the Queen’s Speech, we’ll monitor Repeal Bill discussions to ensure there is no overall lowering of health and safety standards.

And in Europe we’ll be looking at further changes to the Carcinogens or Mutagens Directive so if you have a view on this, please let us know at publicaffairs@iosh.co.uk.

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