Disciplinary Committee hearing on 05 July 2018

Sean Brill, Tredegar, Gwent (051226)

There were two allegations that Mr Brill had breached obligations under the Integrity standard in the IOSH Code of conduct. He admitted one allegation. He denied the other, which was that he failed to comply with the requirement to be honest in Code point 1.1. However, the Disciplinary Committee was satisfied that Mr Brill was dishonest during a meeting held in December 2017 by making a false denial when challenged about what he had done. Therefore, both allegations were proved.

The Disciplinary Committee had regard to submissions made for Mr Brill in mitigation. As a penalty, it decided to issue a Reprimand to Mr Brill as a strong message of disapproval. He should have known better. The Disciplinary Committee emphasised that in future Mr Brill must fulfil his obligation to be honest regardless of his personal circumstances.

In the interests of fairness, the Disciplinary Committee also ordered Mr Brill to contribute to IOSH’s hearing costs.