Robert Baird

Disciplinary Committee hearing on 20 November 2013

Robert  Baird (136688), Kirkintilloch, Glasgow

Mr Baird, who was a Technical member, did not attend. He had acknowledged receipt of the hearing notice but did not respond in writing to the two allegations of misconduct against him. The Disciplinary Committee determined it was in the public interest and fair to Mr Baird to proceed in his absence. It found allegations that he had breached points 3.1 and 2.3 of the Code of Conduct proven. Mr Baird had not co-operated fully with reasonable requests from IOSH to verify information that he had previously given. Neither had he recorded continuing professional development (CPD) activities as required.

The Disciplinary Committee noted that Mr Baird declined to co-operate on some issues based on legal advice he said he had received but submitted no evidence of that advice to support an adjournment or stay of the proceedings. Taking account of his attitude to the investigation, indicating a low probability of future compliance, the Disciplinary Committee determined that it was proportionate to expel Mr Baird from membership of IOSH. Individuals cannot expect to take the benefits of membership and ignore the obligations that come with them.

Mr Baird had accepted in correspondence that he had not recorded CPD activities through the IOSH online system. The Disciplinary Committee took account of the fact that he had taken no steps to bring himself into compliance since the matter had first been raised with him five months prior to the hearing. Accordingly it decided that expulsion was a proportionate penalty for this breach of the Code too because Mr Baird's attitude towards compliance was incompatible with continued membership.

The Disciplinary Committee also ordered Mr Baird to contribute £538 towards costs incurred by IOSH.