Professional Ethics Committee (PEC) meeting on 24 November 2015

Peter Walmsley, Chester

In correspondence Mr Walmsley admitted two allegations of misconduct. He accessed another graduate member’s electronic skills development portfolio (SDP).  Mr Walmsley accepted that this action was unreasonable and a breach of Code point 3.5 in the IOSH Code of Conduct. Mr Walmsley also accepted that for a limited period of one calendar month he did not co-operate fully with IOSH when it made requests for information. He thereby breached Code point 3.1 too. The PEC took into account the mitigation that Mr Walmsley offered.  It issued a reprimand to Mr Walmsley for the breach of Code point 3.5 because IOSH had provided other appropriate resources to members to assist them compile their SDPs. In recognition that Mr Walmsley had brought himself into compliance with Code point 3.1 by providing fuller details, the PEC provided him with guidance for that breach.  The guidance being that to facilitate proper investigations IOSH members must respond promptly and clearly.