Disciplinary Committee hearing on 13 January 2017

Jamie Madden, Billingham, Teesside (184316)

The Disciplinary Committee found two allegations of misconduct proven against Mr Madden who was a Technical member of IOSH. Mr Madden did not attend the hearing. The Committee was satisfied that it was fair to proceed in his absence. He had been properly served with Notice of the hearing giving him the substance of the allegations plus copies of all documents relied upon to support them.

There were two allegations. Firstly in June 2016 Mr Madden provided false information about his health and safety experience when applying to IOSH for transfer to Technical membership. Secondly between 24 June and 26 August 2016 he made a false claim about his employment history on a public profile he had created on a third party website. Each allegation was pursued as a failure to be honest as required by Code point 1.1 in the IOSH Code of Conduct.  The Disciplinary Committee found both allegations proven. It considered all penalties available to it under the disciplinary procedure and determined expulsion from membership was appropriate for each proven allegation. The Disciplinary Committee said that being honest and acting with integrity goes to the heart of public trust and confidence. Further the Disciplinary Committee determined it was appropriate in the interests of fairness to order Mr Madden to contribute £500 to IOSH’s costs.