Disciplinary Committee hearing on 13 August 2015

IOSH member not named

The Disciplinary Committee considered the case of an IOSH member who admitted a breach of Code point 3.5 in the IOSH Code of Conduct. This Code point requires members to ensure that their professional and business activities are reasonable. 

The member was practising as an independent health and safety consultant. He issued a risk assessment report to a client that carried inaccurate information about his own professional status. In a box on the footer of every page of the report the member incorrectly indicated that he was also a member of another professional body and on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register (OSHCR) too. He had been a member of that other professional body and on OSHCR previously but had allowed such membership and registration to lapse two years before.

The member attended the hearing. He apologised. He said he had not noticed the footer on the report; he had used an old template in error and it was a ‘one-off’ mistake. Further he identified background personal factors that had led him to be inattentive as regards the lapsed membership and registration.

The Disciplinary Committee was not satisfied on the evidence available that the member had intended to deceive anyone deliberately.  It therefore determined that a Reprimand should be imposed as a penalty. Attention to detail should be foremost especially when it reflects on a member’s integrity and affects public trust and confidence in them when relied upon to advise on safe working practices. 

The Disciplinary Committee ordered publication of its decision in this matter. It wished IOSH in the public interest to be transparent about enforcement action taken to reinforce the professional standards set for members. On this occasion, however, it was satisfied that it was not necessary to name the member who breached Code point 3.5