Disciplinary Committee hearing on 20 September 2017

Graham Perrins, Glasgow, South Lanarkshire (190302)

The Disciplinary Committee noted that Mr Perrins, who was a Technical member, had stated in writing that he had no objection to the hearing proceeding in his absence. It further noted that Mr Perrins had previously made a written admission on the allegation of misconduct against him. This was that he had been dishonest contrary to Code point 1.1 in the Code of Conduct. Specifically Mr Perrins had falsely claimed that a diploma in occupational health and safety had been awarded to him. He had submitted a copy of a fake certificate for this regulated qualification to IOSH.  

In total Mr Perrins had submitted to IOSH copies of four certificates purporting to be from the same awarding body but it had confirmed that it had no records of him. Accordingly the Disciplinary Committee found the allegation proven. In light of the sustained period of dishonesty evidenced by the documents, it determined that the only appropriate penalty was expulsion from membership of IOSH. It also ordered Mr Perrins to contribute £200 to the costs of the hearing.