Disciplinary Committee hearing on 13 August 2015

Gary Spence, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

The Disciplinary Committee found five allegations of misconduct proven against Mr Spence who was a graduate member of IOSH. Mr Spence did not attend the hearing. The Committee was satisfied that it was fair to proceed in his absence. He had been properly served with Notice of the hearing giving him the substance of the allegations plus copies of all documents relied upon to support them.

Each allegation was pleaded as dishonest behaviour contrary to the requirement for members to be honest in Code point 1.1 of the IOSH Code of Conduct. In November 2014 Mr Spence had been using three letters after his name on the internet indicating that he had attained a Masters degree when he had not done so. Mr Spence denied this allegation. His explanation was that he had made a typographical error by accidentally omitting the last of a group of four letters, which he had intended to use after his name to indicate membership of another professional body rather than a Masters degree. To support this explanation Mr Spence made a false claim to have been a member of the other professional body at the relevant time. During the investigation he submitted to IOSH a copy of a letter purportedly sent to him by the other professional body welcoming him into membership in April 2011, but it was a fake. In November 2014 Mr Spence also used letters after his name on the internet indicating he had been awarded a Diploma that he did not have. In March 2015 Mr Spence falsely maintained in correspondence with IOSH that he had been awarded that qualification too. The Disciplinary Committee determined that it was in the public interest and proportionate to expel Mr Spence from membership of IOSH for each breach of Code point 1.1. It also ordered him to contribute £250 towards costs incurred by IOSH.