Disciplinary Committee hearing on 07 April 2017

Darral Beresford, Chesterfield, Derbyshire (142917)

The Disciplinary Committee considered four allegations of misconduct that Mr Beresford, who was a Technical member of IOSH, had admitted in correspondence.

The Disciplinary Committee determined that two of the proven allegations were most serious matters capable of undermining trust and public confidence. The first of these was the dishonest use by Mr Beresford of letters after his name falsely indicating he was a chartered member of IOSH in email correspondence in an employed role. The second was his failure to cooperate with IOSH following a reasonable request for him to produce copy documents during the investigation of the first allegation. The Disciplinary Committee noted mitigation offered by Mr Beresford including an apology to his former employer and the full range of penalties available to it. However it further determined that for these two breaches of the IOSH Code of Conduct, expulsion from membership was the only proportionate penalty.

In the interests of fairness the Disciplinary Committee ordered Mr Beresford to contribute £500 to IOSH’s costs.