Disciplinary Committee hearing on 20 September 2017

Brian Lambert, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire (044103)

The Disciplinary Committee considered one allegation of misconduct against Mr Lambert, which he denied. It was that he had not complied with Code point 4.5 in the Code of Conduct. Specifically he failed to have due regard for levels of service and customer care when he allowed a third party to deliver training courses and administer examinations in the UAE on behalf of his company. In total the relevant qualification awarding body voided 121 examination results. After taking into account the documentary evidence, and Mr Lambert’s oral answers to questions, the Disciplinary Committee found the allegation proven.  He had failed to establish either a written contract or other service level agreement with the third party to show that he carried out due diligence.

The Disciplinary Committee further determined that the appropriate penalty was to issue a Reprimand to Mr Lambert, who is a chartered member.  He should have known better than to enter into a business relationship with the third party in the manner that he did. The Disciplinary Committee also ordered Mr Lambert to contribute £200 to the costs of the hearing.