Disciplinary Committee hearing on 08 October 2015

Andrew Bruce Heron, Carlow, Ireland (034386)

The Disciplinary Committee found that Mr Heron had breached Code point 11 in the Code of Conduct in force at the time by submitting a copy of a fake university degree certificate to IOSH. He did so as a means of satisfying the academic requirements for transfer to graduate membership. The documentary evidence included correspondence from the university purportedly conferring the degree informing IOSH that it had no record of Mr Heron graduating in any discipline. The Disciplinary Committee also found that Mr Heron had breached Code point 1.1 in the current Code of Conduct by falsely claiming on a website in June 2015 that he had the university degree specified on the fake certificate referred to above. Mr Heron had conceded he did not have the university degree claimed and that his certificate was false prior to the hearing. He also apologised. The Disciplinary Committee decided that Mr Heron should be expelled from membership for each breach. Being dishonest with both IOSH and the public brought IOSH into disrepute, impeded IOSH in advancing high professional standards and was thus incompatible with membership. Safety of the public and their trust and confidence in IOSH members is paramount.