IOSH Disciplinary Committee hearing on 24 August 2016

Alan Davies, London (181389)

The Disciplinary Committee found two allegations of misconduct proven against Mr Davies who was an affiliate member[1] of IOSH. Mr Davies did not attend the hearing. The Committee was satisfied that it was fair to proceed in his absence. He had been properly served with Notice of the hearing giving him the substance of the allegations plus copies of all documents relied upon to support them.

The two allegations were based on a complaint from a member of the public affected by Mr Davies’ activities. For a period of over seven months after joining IOSH in August 2015 Mr Davies was not honest because he did not explain that he was not entitled to use ‘Tech IOSH’[2] after his name as he claimed on three reports written in 2012-2014. This was a breach of Code point 1.1 in the IOSH Code of Conduct. Secondly over the same period Mr Davies did not make those affected by his activities aware of his levels of competence. This was a breach of Code point 2.4. The Disciplinary Committee determined that the only appropriate penalty for each breach of the Code of Conduct was expulsion from membership of IOSH. It said that this was a serious matter of public trust and confidence and that it was mindful of the potential serious impact to public safety of claims to a level of competence which were false. Further The Disciplinary Committee determined it was appropriate in the interests of fairness to order Mr Davies to contribute £500 to IOSH’s costs.

[1] Affiliate membership is open to anybody with an interest in health and safety. There are no qualification or experience requirements.

[2] Technical members of IOSH may use ‘Tech IOSH’ after their names. Technical membership requirements include an accredited qualification in occupational safety and health.