Regulating the profession

We're committed to promoting ethical behaviour by our members. For decades we've had a Code of Conduct for our members to follow. From 4 March 2013 this Code made it much clearer that members' conduct must be consistent with our four core standards - Integrity, Competence, Respect and Service.

Securing your trust

We've chosen Integrity, Competence, Respect and Service as the four core standards for our members' conduct to help them win public trust and confidence.

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Email us for a copy of the Code of Conduct which applied before 4 March 2013

Making a complaint about an IOSH member

To check a person is an IOSH member please call the Membership Team on +44 (0)116 257 3198.

If you're unhappy with the behaviour of one of our members, you can fill out the form below as a way of asking us to get in touch. Or, you can call our Ethical Practice Manager on +44 (0)116 257 3365 for help on making a complaint.

Where it would be proportionate and necessary to maintain public trust and confidence, we may start disciplinary proceedings against a member based on a complaint.

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Email us for a copy of the Code of Conduct which applied before 3 March 2013