Research with IOSH

We want to help develop research that can enhance health and safety in the world of work. Through our commitment to evidence-based studies into workplace health and safety, we've established the IOSH Research and Development Fund. Our funding activities support research and inspire innovation as part of our work as a 'thought leader' in safety and health.

You may be able to apply for support from the Research and Development Fund:

Research Fund
Our Research Fund supports projects which explore key issues in occupational safety and health to help establish evidence around policies and practice.

Development Fund
Our Development Fund is designed to support IOSH members as they develop and implement new initiatives that align with our vision of a safe and healthy world of work.

For more information, you can also download our Research and Development brochure, which discusses current research projects and collaborations. If you have any questions about the IOSH Research and Development Fund, please contact us by email:

The fund's history

Since creating our research and development fund in 2003, we have reached a number of important milestones and we continue to collaborate with researchers across a range of innovative projects.

IOSH research and development fund