IOSH research news

180124 Worker behaviourIrish employers urged to combat worker ill-treatment
24 January 2018 - Employers in Ireland are being urged to implement clear and effective policies on workplace ill-treatment as a study reveals the scale of the issue for the first time.

How to use nanotechnology safely in construction and demolition
08 January 2018 - Nanotechnologies unlock new and better features to transform the performance of buildings and infrastructure. This is the first detailed attempt to trace where these new materials are used in construction and to provide guidance.

Staff with mental health issues need support to return to work
09 October 2017 - More support is needed for employees returning to work after suffering from mental health problems, according to new research published today.

Container terminals roundtable hears of need for global standard
29 September 2017 - A roundtable debate among key stakeholders hears that a “consistent global standard” for work in the container terminals industry can help to break down health and safety barriers.

Study reveals need for improved corporate reporting
04 August 2017 - A new report, The Need for Standardized Sustainability Reporting Practices, is released by the Center for Safety and Health Sustainability (CSHS).

New research reveals ways to promote remote workers’ safety and wellbeing
06 July 2017 - Line managers who supervise remote or distributed workers should work closely with occupational safety and health (OSH) practitioners to control the risks they face.

New research explores link between common health problems and workplace injury
19 June 2017 - Some medicines can cause side effects, such as drowsiness or poor concentration, which may put us at increased risk of an accident.

One-in-four road deaths in Ireland is work-related, study shows
21 March 2017 - Nearly a quarter of all road traffic fatalities in Ireland are work-related, according to a new IOSH report.

Tailored approaches vital for employees suffering from cancer
03 February 2017 - Employees undergoing cancer treatment require individually-tailored approaches to help them remain in work or return to their job.

IOSH-funded research a first for UK construction
22 December 2016 - An IOSH-funded research project will track and inform health and safety leadership, policies and practices at the company building the Thames Tideway Tunnel.

Challenges faced by the modern day safety and health professional explored in new book
14 December 2016 - Health and Safety in a Changing World (2017, Routledge) is the result of a major five-year research programme funded by IOSH.