Research fund

We commission a range of projects to establish evidence for health and safety policies and practice, as well as sponsoring organisations researching key issues.

About the fund

We allocate research funds to specific projects in two ways:

Annual competition

Our annual competition is a two-stage process and may be linked to a particular theme which we set. However, applicants can submit a proposal as long as it supports the fund's overall purpose - a world of work that is safe, health and sustainable. Find out more about the competition (PDF 23KB).

Sorry, the 2016 call for bids has now closed and we will not be issuing a call for proposals during 2017. Get an alert about future research competitions.

Research programme - Health and safety in a changing world

Our five year research programme set out to explore the landscape of occupational safety and health, its implications for developing solutions that provide effective protection for workers and their communities, and support economic success.

The programme had clearly defined research questions and over two funding rounds, we invited researchers to submit proposals that explored the following specific areas:

  • OSH knowledge and its management
  • Achieving the right balance in policy and practice
  • The management of OSH in networked systems of production or service delivery
  • Leadership and safety
  • Small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) and access to occupational health and safety expertise
  • The changing legitimacy of health and safety at work

The programme is now complete so you can download the full report of the studies and a summary of the key findings here.


We also sponsor and support other organisations doing research in occupational safety and health related areas:

  • The Affinity Health at Work research consortium. A collaboration between researchers and employer organisations, national institutions and interested individuals who support research in workplace wellbeing and employee engagement.    
  • SAF€RA - a partnership between research funding organisations from European countries who collaborate on research programming and launch joint calls in the field of industrial safety.    

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