Adopt an occupation with Safe Start Up

Safe Start Up provides simple, easy-to-use guides for basic health, safety and environmental information covering:

• health and safety policy 
• welfare 
• insurance 
• reporting accidents and, 
• basic and occupation-specific risk assessment

Are you interested in sharing your occupation? You can volunteer to write a guide for an industry that you have an interest in and you could see your guide on our website for other people to view and use for their current jobs.

Currently there are eight occupation specific guides available on the website and we want to expand this series.

To do this, we’re looking for volunteers to prepare the information for an occupation that’s not already covered on the website. You’ll need to check that what you say about the occupation is technically correct and that links you’ve used work correctly.

Applications are welcome from IOSH members with expertise or knowledge in a particular industry sector. Volunteering for these guides will also enable you to claim Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. 

Final version control and editing will lie with IOSH.

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