Volunteer with IOSH

Every year, hundreds of volunteers work with IOSH staff to support members, share information and promote a safe, healthy world of work. There are plenty of ways you can get involved, so why not apply?

IOSH members have the chance to make a difference to the future of the organisation and contribute to making the world of work a safer place. If you're looking for a fulfilling challenge that will also boost your career development, and you would like to get more closely involved with IOSH, now is your opportunity as we are recruiting for various IOSH central governance positions.

What do I need to do?

  • Check this list of volunteer roles at IOSH
  • Click on the name of a volunteer role to find out more about it
  • Fill out the relevant form for each of the roles you're interested in (required fields are marked *)
  • We'll contact you with more details.

Which is the volunteer role for you?

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for managing the affairs of IOSH and is legally accountable for all the organisation's activities and results. Trustees will have experience working as a senior manager at a strategic level. As a trustee, you can contribute to IOSH's development and our vision for a safer and healthier world of work.

Trustee Members - Read more  Trustee Independents - Read more


Council is IOSH’s representative body, providing advice and guidance on strategic, professional and policy issues for the Institution. It represents the views of members to the Board of Trustees and has the key responsibility for choosing who will represent the Institution as President. Any member can stand for Council, but they need to be nominated in the correct way. For more information about joining, please see the Council page.

Nominations Committee

Reporting to Council, the Nominations Committee is responsible for filling vacancies in the IOSH governance structure, including the Board of Trustees and standing committees. Read more and enquire

Standing committees

There are a number of Standing Committees responsible for developing and implementing policy in specific areas of IOSH's business. The skills and experience required will depend on the work of the specific committee. Read more and enquire