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Welcome to the most comprehensive and accessible range of OSH courses available anywhere.

Our versatile training products are suitable for everyone in your organisation, helping promote a safety-conscious culture throughout your workforce. We’ll help you solve real problems using practical and effective tools, processes and knowledge. And we won’t let jargon get in the way. 

Our training enables you to improve the safety, health and wellbeing of co-workers at all levels, and brings business benefits that go beyond safety and health.

The end result is a working environment that is significantly more supportive and caring. 

That’s something we can all aspire to.

The IOSH Working Safely Course hsa helped develop essential knowledge and skills across our workforce, says Emrpise health and safety manager, Brett Edwards
Leading Safely, a short course for senior leaders on the value of safety and health. Find out more
Managing Safely, A flexible course on safety and health issues for responsible managers. Find out more
Managing Safely Refresher, A one-day course to boost existing safety and health learning. Find out more
Working Safely, A short course that explains why everyone must 'work safely'. Find out more
Tailored courses, IOSH-approved courses for specific industries, job roles and skills. Find out more

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